• At this point I think if be more annoyed about the sentimental stuff I’d lose if my wallet was stolen.

  • Watching Twitter try to take the Wendy’s PR route is interesting to watch.

  • I got dressed solely so the pizza guy won’t think I’m too much of a slob.

  • I’m willing to admit attacking Valtr on a BL4 run was a bad idea.

  • I should probably finish Darling in the FranXX, but also: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • The good thing about playing a goth DnD character is I can poke fun at myself from a few years ago.

  • I think my next DnD character will be a Chuuni Librarian Assassin: He hunts down those who don’t pay their library fines.

  • If they ever made a boomer meme about me it would be with vanilla coke.

  • I like coffee

  • Doing a STR/ARC Build in Bloodborne, and my god is the Augur of Ebrietas fun to use.

    I feel sorry for the up button my controllers D-pad…

  • I only listen to music that looks like it could even partially include an Evangelion reference. Like Ric Flair Drip.

  • Finally took the plunge and started a Bloodborne BL4 run. Either I’m better at this game than I thought, or I’ve got insane luck.

  • According to the laws of both Touhou and Serial Experiments Lain, a crossover could be done and it could be totally canon. I need to make it.

  • Idea: A Bloodborne fangame where you play as a Hunter when the Church was trying to keep the Scourge on hidden. X-com style have to deploy Hunters to various locations trying to keep the peace and make people not know.

  • May your pizza be gay and your frogs tasty.

  • Finally beat the Orphan of Kos, and I did it with a Cruel Angel’s Thesis playing, which I reckon is a sign.

  • I miss my little brother. I mean I miss all my family, but this pic came up and made me miss him more.

  • Nest!

  • Carl’s Jr. Isnt actually that bad.

  • Testing multiple images

  • I stand by what I said when I wrote this Chio episode was best for memes. Current status:

  • Kinda sad to think there’s only one more Cells at work episode left.

  • It’s 5:30am, I’ve been awake for about 15 hours now. My internet friends (so all my friends) are offline, and I’m currently wondering if it’s worth getting 6 or so hours of sleep before my lectures.

    How’re you?

  • Before my flatmate left she bought this really expensive/fancy olive oil at a farmers market. I’ve only used it so far to cook bacon and eggs. It feels like such a waste.

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