• Just watched The Cabin in the Woods. Solid laughs/10.

  • The GDPR thing doesn’t effect me, but I’ve decided to check out Pocket just because. Also Firefox has inbuilt integration with it, which is nice.

  • I’m glad that my nine Thinkpads are running at reasonable temps

  • While I really like Lovecraft’s ideas - of there being monsters so powerful that regular beings a nothing to them - I found his writing rather weak and boring. However, those who spin their own Lovecraft-style mythos are my favourite. Currently reading House of Leaves and getting the same vibe from it, but it feels much better written and slightly scarier than any of Lovecraft’s works.

    And I write this with a Cthulhu statue on my desk.

  • Been playing this Japanese tamagotchi game recently. It’s fun, brings back the memories.

  • I often wonder if I’m the youngest person on Micro.blog.

  • Matcha Affrogato!

  • Time to start reading the manga that was described to me as “Gay rocks fight the ungay moon.”

  • Airship carrier falling towards our party.

    Monk: I roll for deflect missile.

  • I can really relate to the line “Six cell phones and I ain’t social.”

  • I think our DM intended for us to have an epic airship battle this session, but fortunatly a teleporting Gnome with an EMP fixed that issue for us.

  • I love how Medium recommends a piece on “How to make a living as a writer” a day after they shafted all the writers on their platform.

  • Screenfetch because I suppose I haven’t uploaded one of these in a while.

  • I gets worse when I move to my laptop

  • Man I love BoingBoing but…

  • So wtf is Klout?

  • Supposed to be doing a comparative analysis of two sociologists, in my case Michel Foucault and Jeffrey Weeks. It’s mostly Foucault right now, guess I should research this Weeks guy a bit more.

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