• Using the Tufte style for my assignments was a mistake. I’ve always been partial to footnotes, but with such prominence given to them I can’t help but go overboard. This is going to require some trimming when I’m done.

  • Here’s the finished product. It’s bacon, eggs and frozen vegetables over rice. Tastes decent, and probably the best looking meal I’ve ever made.

  • Rice strainer broke so I had to get creative with dinner tonight.

  • The Medium app decided that it was a good idea to send me notifications every time someone I followed published an article.

    And that’s one way to get uninstalled instantly.

  • So I’ve learned that that there’s actually quite a few Micro.blog people in New Zealand. And none of them seem to be in Christchurch :(

  • Thinking of changing my major to sociology. I’m still going to do a journalism postgrad, but I think it may make the next two years less painful. Communications is not fun.

  • Friends go,

    Flutter away in the breeze

    Like pollen.

  • On top of blocking torrenting (Understandable) my university wifi now also blocks Git. Git!

  • Tracing over some (basic) artwork and manga to get the hang of drawing. I think I’m improving…

  • Given that I’ve decided to abandon Instagram in favour of Flickr (Given its new management), anyone here got an account I can follow?

  • Starting to read Made in Abyss. What am I in for…

  • Glad to see Darling in the FranXX is still cute, even if it’s in its “second season.”

  • I’ve learned that, as I use Org-Mode to takes notes during lectures, this is how my political science class see’s me.

  • On a Nat 20 roll in DnD, it has been established that my character (An immortal half-vampire) has a PhD in Ancient Magical History, having done her thesis on a giant titan that takes the shape of a tortoise, with a city on its shell.

    It’s fitting, as I love Discworld.

  • Given the new switch in Flickr’s management, might start using that as my main photography site, and have it copy to Instagram (Instead of the other way around).

  • Bottom of the sugar bag blew out, and now my kicthen floor is covered in it. Fortunatly most of it feel on the bench, but my shoes and groceries are now covered in it.

  • This episode of Little Witch Academia was very relatable.

  • Joke: The Illya alarm app.


  • Yeah I totally didn’t just spend six hours reading manga… I swear!

  • Trying out zsh shell instead of my normal fish. It’s a learning experience, even though I’m currently trying to add features of fish to it.

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