• Also wew this new micro.blog speed. I’m impressed!

  • In this chapter of Berserk, we get trolled by Trolls. Masterful on the part of the writer, and frustrating as all hell to read. Especially since it seems like we won’t get some resolution for maybe two months.

  • Really tempted to get a (used) PS4. There’s lot of games I want to play on it, Bloodborne is especially tempting to me right now, as well as older games I haven’t played yet (Fallout 4, Dragon Age Inquisition). And to use VR technology. I used it once and now I’m hooked.

  • Really tempted to get a (used) PS4. There’s lot of games I want to play on it, Bloodborne is especially tempting to me right now, as well as older games I haven’t played yet (Fallout 4, Dragon Age Inquisition). And to use VR technology. I used it once and now I’m hooked.

  • VR Evangelion. Time to get a VR headset.

  • Little Witch Academia is precious.

  • Just had a The Devil Went Down to Georgia/Tribute moment in DnD, and now our bard is the leader of a town of vampire and undread cultists. Which really clashes with my character, who’s a vampire hunter. This is going to be interesting.

  • Alrighty, trying out Firefox now. Wanted to try it out since they added the Quantam engine (Yes, it’s taken me this long). I kinda like it, but it’s only been 20 minutes.

  • Man I love the Vivaldi browser - been using it for close to four years - but I wish it wasn’t such a resource hog. Makes it real hard to use when my laptops on battery.

  • Darling in the FranXX is the right amount of fluff, combined with action, that I really, really need right now.

  • I’ve deduced that the amount of anime I watch is inversely proportional to how depressed I am (More depression means less anime watched, and vice versa). So it’s time to go on some binges.

  • Rewriting a lot of my system scripts in Python (from Bash), and also rewriting my programs from Python to C++, Bash to Python going well, not sure how well the Python to C++ will go.

  • At my DMs request, watching Blade II. My god, it’s so late 90s/early 2000s it almost hurts.

  • I’ve been watching Bloodborne video’s to get idea for my current DnD character (Who borrows heavily from similar fiction like Vampire Hunter D), but now I wanna play the game so bad.

  • Python script with GUI to roll dice for DnD (Also outputs with text to speech) Version 1

    A quick and dirty script that rolls dice for DnD using a GUI, and then displays the result both visually and using Text-To-Speech (Just to make sure you don’t cheat ;p). Also on Github.

    Run the script to use (python roll.py)

    Requires tk and gTTS to work propely. You can install them with Pip.

    #!/usr/bin/env python
    import os
    from tkinter import *
    from tkinter.ttk import *
    import random
    from gtts import gTTS
    def Speak(roll):
        global label
        tts = gTTS(text=roll, lang='en')
        os.system("mpg123 roll.mp3")
    def roll_d2():
        global roll, label
        roll = str(random.randint(1,2))
        label['text'] = roll
    def roll_d4():
        global roll, label
        roll = str(random.randint(1,4))
        label['text'] = roll
    def roll_d6():
        global roll, label
        roll = str(random.randint(1,6))
        label['text'] = roll
    def roll_d8():
        global roll, label
        roll = str(random.randint(1,8))
        label['text'] = roll
    def roll_d10():
        global roll, label
        roll = str(random.randint(1,10))
        label['text'] = roll
    def roll_d12():
        global roll, label
        roll = str(random.randint(1,12))
        label['text'] = roll
    def roll_d20():
        global roll, label
        roll = str(random.randint(1,20))
        label['text'] = roll
    def roll_d100():
        global roll, label
        roll = str(random.randint(1,100))
        label['text'] = roll
    def main():
        global roll, label
        window = Tk()
        roll = 0 
        label = Label(window, text=roll)
        label.grid(row=1, column=1, ipadx=40, ipady=40)
        buttond2 = Button(window, text="d2", command=roll_d2)
        buttond2.grid(row=0, column=0, padx=20, pady=10)
        buttond4 = Button(window, text="d4", command=roll_d4)
        buttond4.grid(row=0, column=1, padx=20, pady=10)
        buttond6 = Button(window, text="d6", command=roll_d6)
        buttond6.grid(row=0, column=2, padx=20, pady=10)
        buttond8 = Button(window, text="d8", command=roll_d8)
        buttond8.grid(row=1, column=0, padx=20, pady=10)
        buttond10 = Button(window, text="d10", command=roll_d10)
        buttond10.grid(row=1, column=2, padx=20, pady=10)
        buttond12 = Button(window, text="d12", command=roll_d12)
        buttond12.grid(row=2, column=0, padx=20, pady=10)
        buttond20 = Button(window, text="d20", command=roll_d20)
        buttond20.grid(row=2, column=1, padx=20, pady=10)
        buttond100 = Button(window, text="d100", command=roll_d100)
        buttond100.grid(row=2, column=2, padx=20, pady=10)
  • Joke: Buying a set of physical dice for DnD Woke: Writing a program to do it automatically and then output the result with text-to-speech. (Which I’m doing right now)

  • Just got my first 100% ever at university for a sociology assignment 🤔

  • I have mad respect for anyone who Rollerblades around campus. You go girl!

  • I suppose the best part about forgetting to read a chapter of a manga for a month is by the time you read the current it’s nearly time for next one.

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