• My friendship is now open for commissions.

  • Lecturer wonders why there isn’t such a big turnout for lectures when there’s nothing being taught that’s not in the book. I mean I’m here but I can understand why you would skip.

  • To my real life friend who asked me for my blog the other day, I hope you now realise there’s nothing of value to be said here

  • Little brother starts school today, just video called in to see him in his little uniform. So cute ;_;

  • Touhou 16.5 - Violet Detector - is actually really interesting to play. It feels like an amalgamation of all previous spinoff games (Excluding the fighters). Shooting and taking photos, now that’s fun. Just wish I could apply the English patch on Linux.

  • 4am, can’t sleep. Classes start in 4 hours. This is going to be fun. Damn you insomnia! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

  • Finally managed to get (neo)mutt working on this computer. Finally no more bloated email gui clients.

  • YouTube keeps trying to reminds me of my terrible music taste from when I was 14.


  • Fuck. Just experienced something I haven’t seen since I used Photoshop on Windows: My art program froze just as I was about to save. Well it’s not like much of value was really lost.

  • Just finished Joseph Campell and the Origin of Myth. It expanded on what I already knew on myths and made me realise the different ways the human mind works, especially in ancient times. Plus Campbell’s voice is just lovely to listen to.

  • Continuing trying to draw, right now working on an Upa from Steins;Gate. It looks very angry. I would be too if someone with little skill drew me.

  • I was not prepared for NG+ Gascoigne. At least his voice is cool.

  • I’m disgusted at myself for all the Bloodborne memes I’ve accumulated in only a few months. I mean it’s not like I have a life outside of the internet, but still!

    The sweet memes, oh how they sing to me. It’s enough to make a man sick.

  • Wait Nyaruko is actually about Lovecraftian gods as cute girls… well that’s Japan for ya. I’ve got a new series added to my read list.

  • Hmmm can’t get Omnibear to post a like.

  • Currently reading: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley 📚

  • If all else fails with this, I can at least try and write my own micropub client… that’ll be… interesting (Ed: Horrible)

  • Apologies for the seemingly random posts. Trying out a bunch of micropub clients.

  • Scythe sword still besto

  • Test test test omnibear

  • Hmmmmmm

  • Oh and here’s the link - github.com/cweiske/s…

  • Found a command line script for posting to a Micropub server from the command line. Going to try it out soonish.

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